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2 four-inch bundles of sage.

Discover the ancient art of energy cleansing with the Iremia Rituals White Sage Bundle. Ethically sourced and expertly bundled, our White Sage offers a transformative experience, purifying your space and revitalizing your energy.

What is White Sage?

White Sage, scientifically known as Salvia apiana, is a sacred herb native to the American Southwest. Revered by indigenous cultures for centuries, it is renowned for its cleansing properties. When burned, its aromatic smoke is believed to clear negative energies, leaving behind a sense of purity and serenity.

What is White Sage Good For?

White Sage is known for its ability to:

  1. Clear Negative Energy: Burning White Sage dispels negativity, promoting a harmonious atmosphere.
  2. Purify Spaces: It purifies homes, offices, and sacred spaces, making it ideal for rituals and ceremonies.
  3. Enhance Clarity: The scent of White Sage is believed to enhance mental clarity and focus.

How to Smudge Your House with White Sage:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Open windows and doors to allow the smoke to exit, ensuring good ventilation.
  2. Light the Sage: Ignite the tip of the White Sage bundle. Let it burn for a moment, then blow out the flame, allowing it to smolder.
  3. Start Smudging: Hold the smoldering end and move clockwise around each room, focusing on corners and doorways. Visualize negative energy dissolving.
  4. Extinguish Safely: After smudging, snuff out the bundle in a fireproof container.
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